Enable SSL

Check Hostname

Be sure that your server hostname is properly set.

While you can use Nominatim with only an IP address, if you wish to use SSL, be sure to set the hostname.

You can check using the ‘hostname’ command

root@suite:~# hostname

If the full hostname is not set, use hostnamectl to set the full hostname:

root@suite:~# hostnamectl set-hostname server1.domain.com

Use the hostname command to verify the full hostname is now set:

root@suite:~# hostname

Get Certificate

In order to provision SSL for your instance, follow below:

  1. Install the python Cerbot module for Apache:

    apt-get -y install python3-certbot-apache
  2. Request certificate:

    certbot --apache --agree-tos --email hostmaster@domain.com --no-eff-email -d domain.com

Be sure to replace ‘domain.com’ above with your actual domain or sub domain.

Update Configuration

You will need to update the Nominatim webapp configuration.

To do so, edit /var/www/html/theme/config.theme.js


Nominatim_Config.Nominatim_API_Endpoint = “http://domain.com/nominatim/


Nominatim_Config.Nominatim_API_Endpoint = “https://domain.com/nominatim/

Restart Apache for update to take effect:

service apache2 restart